Konferenz "The Biochar Day" / let's chat biochar

31MärGanztägigKonferenz "The Biochar Day" / let's chat biocharVeranstaltung im Rahmen der "bio360 expo - where life goes on", 30.-31. März 2022 in Nantes

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Biochar has been around for millennia and we need to be developing it a lot more – right now ! – if our story is to continue on for more millennia still (or even just a few hundreds of years).

The IPCC and many other scientific bodies indicate that we not only need to reduce our annual CO2 emissions drastically by 2050 to achieve net zero but we also need to draw down and sequester gigatonnes of carbon from the atmosphere via negative emission technologies (NETs) that capture CO2 and sequester it – (enter stage right) BIOCHAR !

Biochar is just one of the handful of such NETs and we are now at the beginnings of a ramping up of industrial scale biochar production, which is paramount if biochar is to become a mainstream tool in our arsenal to combat climate change.

Biochar’s an interesting story of chicken and egg going hand-in hand which can be seen as an expression of the urgency of our times. Today we see significant movement in both the upscaling of biochar production and in parallel, rather than in series, in the diversification of applications of biochar in agriculture and agronomy but also in evolving novel applications such as composites and polymers with applications across a plethora of industries.

The Bio360 Expo 2022 Biochar programme brings together expert international thinkers and doers from all the relevant disciplines to offer the opportunity of a comprehensive and inspiring biochar day.


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