Webinar, “Verified Carbon Removal by Smallholder Farmers”

04Mär9:0010:30Webinar, “Verified Carbon Removal by Smallholder Farmers”Webinar der "International Biochar Initiative"

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Smallholder farmers in the developing world have the capacity to contribute significantly to carbon removal efforts by converting crop residues, which today are often merely burned, into carbon sequestering biochar. With this capacity smallholder farmers in the developing world can tap into the fast-growing carbon removal markets, which will only motivate them to produce biochar and reduce in-field crop burning, as well as improve farmer livelihoods and enhance food security.

Warm Heart Worldwide in collaboration with the Ithaka Institute has piloted a solution to train farmers in biochar production and use, instituted a verification process and built a blockchain-enabled platform and smartphone app that provides end-to-end tracking and puts money directly into the farmer’s hands!

This webinar will discuss the “C-Sink Tropical” program details and future plans for roll-out.


(Freitag) 9:00 - 10:30 (Achtung: Eastern Time (US))

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